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Perched a top a serene hillock in the suburb of Kochi, Daksha Ayuretreat is an escapade from fatigue, illness and stress. Sprawled across 14 acres of pristine greenland, it offers rejuvenation, wellness and therapeutic treatment packages, besides attending to specific ailments related to entire systems of body. Daksha Ayuretreat is a super speciality Ayurveda Hospital, an Ayurvedic Spa and Wellness instilling resort combined into one. For the tired and stressed, it's a rejuvenation centre. For the wellness seekers, it's a maintenance and stimulation get away. For those who wish to have a meaningful leisure fulfillment, it's a touristic abode. The facility accommodates 2 cottages, 12 rooms including treatment rooms and an Ayurvedic Spa situated in a lush green natural setting. Functioning with the back up of renowned Ayurveda establishment The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy Coimbatore Ltd. Daksha Ayuretreat has under its aegis expert physicians, therapists and masseurs.

The advantages of authentic Ayurveda can be summed up as

  • Treatment for all types of diseases
  • Slowing down of ageing process
  • Mental and physical well being
  • Prevention and correction of nervous system disorders
  • Healthy functioning of sensory organs
  • Promoting endearing life span
  • Daksha Ayuretreat, a new way of life

    The basic tenet of Ayurveda- (the science of life) is to treat patient rather than ailment. The inequilibrium of vata, pitta & kapha in the human body manifests as ailments, according to the age old texts of Ayurveda. To attain the balance, Ayurveda propogates to maintain a healthy way of life in harmony with nature. Daksha Ayuretreat upholds the age old traditions in its practice, while providing the right ambience, expertise in tune with contempory lifestyle. All treatments and rejuvenation programs are based on the individualistic traits of the client and administer the apt solutions using authentic herbs and medicines. Authentic Ayurveda propogates physical, mental and spiritual well- ness of man.It aims at evolving a healthy person by curing all types of ailments with the help of herbal remedies and by maintaining a balanced lifestyle in harmony with the nature. The word Daksha denotes the first guna (quality) of a Vaidya or physician which is efficiency. A competent physician must be daksha (efficient) , should have practical experience and good knowledge of Sasthra (science). He should exercise physical, mental and spiritual hygiene while attending to a patient.


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